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Yair Barak, Assaf Evron and Talia Keinan in a new exhibition entitled "Spolia" at the Haifa Museum of Art. In accordance with the body of work, the name of the exhibition corresponds with the world of archeology and history.
Barak's works deal with exchange of material substance, delete and filling of texts. Evron's works deal with the multilayered arrangements embodied in a single object.

Curator: Orit Bulgaru

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Opening Nov 8th
Haifa Museum of Art

Yair Barak solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

We are excited to announce the opening of Yair Barak solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. In his exhibition - Moving away from something he stares at - Barak explores the role of photography as a medium, by inquiring its dual position as both documentary and narrative. Barak's exhibition brings together traditional display and sculptural installation, where the viewer is an essential mediator.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
October 7th through February 2nd

Ohad Matalon at Podbielski Contemporary, Berlin

Ohad Matalon is opening a second solo show in Podbielski Contemporary, Berlin. The show - Land of Darkness - will be exposing an ongoing body of work which Matalon had worked on for the last 3 years.

The images were taken in complete darkness at remote, controversial locations, using generators and full studio lighting. In this series Matalon is forcing the viewer to face strangeness, alienation and to step into an unfamiliar dimension.

Opening Sep 18th – as part of Photography Month, Berlin.
Podbielski Contemporary, Berlin.

Ohad Matalon at the Artist House in Jerusalem

Ohad Matalon is exhibiting 5 images from his famous body of work 'positive negative' in a group exhibition entitled ' No Man Land' opening at the Artist House in Jerusalem.
The images are statically projected and show buildings or locations that were abandoned, demolished or that there construction was ceased.

Ophra Eyal's drawings decorate Etliz's new album

Ophra Eyal's recent body of work 'Black Tear', on which she has worked during the past two years, was published in a booklet accompanying –All of it- a new album by the Israeli rock band 'Etliz'. The drawings combine between a sweet childish world which was disrupted and the world of morphology of the plant. The work 'Tattoo' decorates the cover of the album.

Yair Barak at Gowen Contemporary, Geneve

After taking part at the Trelex Residency in Swiss, Yair Barak will be participating at a group exhibition at Gowen Contemporary. Barak will show works which deal with silence as a meditative spiritual interpretation in contemporary art.

Gowen Contemporary
July 3rd through August 30th

Guy Shoham

As part of an ambitious project in London, a group of artist will occupy a 9-storey office building. On the 6th floor, Shoham will exhibit a solo exhibition of the "Fountains" series, along side works from this recent year.

East India Dock, London

Gabriela Schutz- Five a Day

Schutz iscurating and exhibiting in London's Gallery a group exhibition. In the exhibition Schutz presents her 5 a Day series,referring to the recommendation to consuming 5 fruits a day, with direct reference to the functional design of the industrial modern world.

Danielle Arnaud Gallery

Ohad Matalon at Art14

Matalon has exhibited a number of his recent works at the famous contemporary art fair, Art14, which assembles together young galleries from around the world.

Yifat Bezalel in Artgenève

Yifat is continuing to exhibit around the world. Bezalel is currently exhibiting a solo exhibition at the famous art fair artgenève. For the first time Bezalel's body of work contains the use of intense and surprising cobalt blue color.

Yair Barak with three new exhibitions in Europe & Israel

Yair has recently opened his first exhibition in Europe, The Whole Truth at Gowen Contemporary Gallery in Switzerland featuring photographs dealing with the tension between power and knowledge. In addition, during February, Yair is opening two new exhibitions "Tabula Rasa" at Kibbutz Lohamay Hagetaot as a tribute to Moshe Cooperman, and a solo exhibition entitled Speaking Generally at Julie M. Gallery dealing with perpetuation and the means of esthetical mediation of violence and conflict.

Boaz Aharonovitch – Solo Exhibition

Aharonovitch, who's again stretching the limits of photography is exhibiting a new body of work at ZIZ Gallery, a new upcoming space at South Tel Aviv.
Using Monet's classical Water Lilies paintings, Aharonvitch recreates them by manipulations of the medium to be his own, the result is innovative and unexpected.


ZIZ Gallery, 6 Shvil Hamertetz, Tel Aviv.
Runs through Oct 26th.

Naomi Mendel – at Feinberg Projects

Mendel is exposing a new body of work, which she created during the last year. Her meticulously painted works depict mundane objects – mainly plastic bags - in articulated compositions. Mendel is exhibiting alongside two other promising artists - Hila Amram and Hanita Ilan.


Feinberg Project Gallery
3 Hamif'al St., Tel Aviv
Runs through the end of Nov.

Ohad Matalon- At Artissima Art Fair

Matalon is participating at Artissima Art Fair in Turin, Italy, which attracts art lovers and collectors from around the world. In the body of work shown at the fair, Matalon uses studio lighting tools to capture iconic buildings and objects in the landscape. Artissima is one of the most renowned photography fairs worldwide.

Solo exhibition by Gabriela Schutz

Schutz has opened a brilliant solo exhibition at the Museum of Art- Ein Harod. ׳holyland' is showing works dealing with the dissonance between architecture, vision and politic.


Museum of Art, Ein Harod Israel
Kibbutz Ein Harod
Runs through January 14th, 2014

Collecting Dust

Gaston Zvi Ickowicz is showing 10 works at the exhibition Collecting Dust opening at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Gaston will show 8 works from the Bond Fire Remains series, an art video by the name of Explosion, as well as his iconic work from the 'August' series, purchased by the Israel Museum.


Opening December 4th through April 5th 2014,
The Israel museum,

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