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The israeli artist Aline Alagem, has been accepted to the prestigious Bethanian Residency in Berlin. Most countries provides financial aids for artists taking part in this program, Israel does not. The exhibition will present new works by Aline, as well as by other 30 Israeli artists who agreed to help and contribute their works for this cause. All sales will help support the Bethanian Residencys' fee.
|Aline Alagem, Untitled, oil on canvas, 145x175|Aline Alagem, CC, Da 45cm|Aline Alagem, Impossible Objects, 175x190 cm|Dana Yoeli, Garden, 60x40 cm|Elad Laron, Victory, 40x50 cm
Aline Alagem, Untitled, oil on canvas, 145x175
Aline Alagem, CC, Da 45cm
Aline Alagem, Impossible Objects, 175x190 cm
Dana Yoeli, Garden, 60x40 cm
Elad Laron, Victory, 40x50 cm