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Aran Singer graduated from the Avni School of Art, focusing on Israel Hershberg class.
Singer Paints from observation. He creates intimate still life scenes, serene urban landscapes and body portraits. In his Rowing series, rowers in either monochrome or color are painted on panoramic-like, long-format canvases.

Singer painstakingly paints in small scale enigmatic and captivating images.

|Green Circle 2011, oil on canvas, diameter 60|Rower (detail), Oil on canvas|Fencing 2009, Charcoal on paper|Woman 2010, Oil on canvas and charcoal on paper|Woman Lying 2010, Oil on canvas|Lithuania 2009, Oil on canvas|Hbiscus 2009, Oil on canvas|Artichoke 2009, Oil on paper|Boee 2009, Oil on canvas|Building 2009, Oil on canvas|Studio 2011, Oil on canvas
Green Circle 2011, oil on canvas, diameter 60
Rower (detail), Oil on canvas
Fencing 2009, Charcoal on paper
Woman 2010, Oil on canvas and charcoal on paper
Woman Lying 2010, Oil on canvas
Lithuania 2009, Oil on canvas
Hbiscus 2009, Oil on canvas
Artichoke 2009, Oil on paper
Boee 2009, Oil on canvas
Building 2009, Oil on canvas
Studio 2011, Oil on canvas