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Galnoor lives and works in Kfar Yona, a fact which has become a predominant issue in her paintings. Galnoor conveys her outsiders' perspective by raising questions about a person's place in relation to landscape. As to locations, Galnoor choices are usual, ordinary places yet saturated with conflict forces which are evasive to the naked eye. Her paintings deal with contemporary issues but are also influenced by tradition, corresponding with murals and large history or landscape paintings.

Galnoor views landscape as the intersection between the political, economic, social and artistic. Galnoor strives to expand the initial act of painting a specific site - hoping the painting itself becomes a site, affecting the viewers' body due to its physical presence. On one hand Galnoor views the painting as an extensive window signifying the outside world; on the other hand she uses monochromatic colors and expressive color spots which are subjective and more abstract. Brought together they create fragmentation and tension in the work, creating "Non- Site places" of estrangement and doubt.

|Blue 2010, Oil on canvas|Greenhouse 2011, Oil on canvas|Nitzan Toys 011, Oil on canvas|Pink & Red 2010, Oil on cardboard|Red 2010, Oil on canvas|Tennis 2011, Oil on canvas|Two Boys 2013, Oil on canvas|Picking Flowers 2013, Oil on canvas|Gang (Green) 2011, Oil on canvas
Blue 2010, Oil on canvas
Greenhouse 2011, Oil on canvas
Nitzan Toys 011, Oil on canvas
Pink & Red 2010, Oil on cardboard
Red 2010, Oil on canvas
Tennis 2011, Oil on canvas
Two Boys 2013, Oil on canvas
Picking Flowers 2013, Oil on canvas
Gang (Green) 2011, Oil on canvas