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Born 1980, Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Shimshony is an interdisciplinary artist, constantly shifting between different techniques and media, from painting to video and installation art, with an emphasis on sculpture. Shimshony is creating things with his hands, whether from scratch or from readymade objects. This is a safe harbor which he keeps returning to.
His works often attempt to remove art from its pedestal and compel the spectator to examine the ways in which the art can be better integrated in daily lives.

In his video art "Game of the Season" (2009), Shimshony explores the roles of both the artist and critic in the modern world, all the while contemplating with the question of whether art can function within different spheres, allowing it to become a product of mass consumption and having a greater impact on the outside world.

|Group Portrait on a Skateboard 2014, Mixed Media|The Feeling Bus 2014, Mixed Media|Scotland 2014, Mixed Media|The Escape 2014, Mixed Media|Bob the Builder 2014, Mixed Media|The Kick 2014, Mixed Media
Group Portrait on a Skateboard 2014, Mixed Media
The Feeling Bus 2014, Mixed Media
Scotland 2014, Mixed Media
The Escape 2014, Mixed Media
Bob the Builder 2014, Mixed Media
The Kick 2014, Mixed Media