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AES+F in the 6th annual Fresh Paint art fair

May 2013
Southern Tel Aviv

Russia's world renowned visual art group AES+F presented their acclaimed work, the "Liminal Space Trilogy" at Israel's leading art fair.

To view a preview of one of the works that forms the trilogy, Allegoria Sacra, click here

Fresh Paint Art Fair 05

May 2012
Northern Tel Aviv

Spencer Tunick – Works from the Dead Sea Installation

Spencer Tunick's works from the Dead Sea Installation were first exposed to the public at Fresh Paint 05. During the 5 days of the fair thousands of art lovers, collectors, art critics and curators streamed in to see the much talked about photographs.

The launching of the works enjoyed international and national media cover.

See more info at Exhibitions and Projects.

Boaz Aharonovitch - Daliy Practice, Growing a Garden for an Unknown Lover 

Daily Practice is a “surname” for a series of photographic projects based on time and rules of actions. 'Growing a Garden for an Unknown Lover' is a month project, in which Aharonovitch has grown, in his studio, a garden on a table. The 'Garden' was made from flowers and vegetation he found in his immediate surroundings in South Tel Aviv. 

Following their exposure at the Fresh Paint art fair, the installations will be exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in July and at the Herzliya Museum in September.

Fresh Paint Art Fair 04

April 2011
South Tel Aviv

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same – Edith Kollath

German artist Edith Kollath exhibited at the Fair an arresting kinetic installation.

A square transparent cloth is lifted from the floor at its four corners. Slowly and with an accelerating movement towards the ceiling it is released just before touching the ceiling and falls towards the floor in various different forms and formations. The action is repeated over and over again. A calming rhythm is produced out of lifting, falling and pause.

A parallel process is taking place with the books surrounding the cloth. Antique books are resting on a shelf breathing peacefully. Each one has its rhythm and movement.

Edith Kollath is an artist based in Frankfurt. She is interested in breath, its rhythm and its qualities regarding room and time - not only in her artistic practice but also in self-experiments.

Kollath has exhibited extensively in Europe and this was her first exhibition in Israel.


Fresh Paint Art Fair 03

May 2010

The third Fresh Paint Art Fair will take place on May 5-8, in Jaffa Port.

Participating Artists:
Netta Lieber Sheffer, Aran Singer, Sarit Rosen, Rani Zahrawi, Rubi Leibovitch and Shira Zelwer.

Fresh Paint art Fair 02

March 2009

Fresh Paint Art Fair 2 was held in "Hatachana" site in Tel Aviv.
68 independant artists participated in the fair among them:
Efrat Galnoor, Ofri Marom, Ohad Matalon, Yifat Bezalel, Aran Singer and Ophra Eyal.

Ohad Mataon's and Efrat Galnoor's works were included in the Curator's Choice Exhibition.

Fresh Paint Art Fair 01

March 2008

Fresh Paint Art Fair was held in the Kastiel site in South Tel Aviv.
The fair exihibited works by 70 independant artists.

Yifat Bezalel, Yair Barak, Uri Gershuni, Ofri Marom and Gabriela Schutz were among the exhibiting artists.
Bezalel's and Gershuni's works were included in the Curator's Choice Exhibition.

During the fair, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art purchased Bezalel's work: Bitter Rain.